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We are team of professional who are are moved by passion to great the best services for our customers. we pursue our dreams instead of being moved by money. below are lists of some of our services

Time Managment

We are a team of ProfessionaL website Developers and designers based in Asaba Delta State Nigeria. We are creative, innovative and good at hat we do. We are always out to deliver quality websites service with excellent customer experience. we have helped several organizations,Institutions and individuals to design and redesign their online presence which has helped so much in improvement of the business performance.we build online presence that scalable, easy to manage and maintain by clients .

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When you need anything about software design the best place to come is at zygosoft Technologies LTD. We create world class Softwares for our respective clients. We ensure it works seamlessly across all platforms such as phone, tablet, laptop and other devices to give visitors great user experience!.Over the years our teams has created many softwares such as Banking software, school management software, Hotel Managment software, pharmacy managment software, sales

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We offer digital marketing services which aim at promoting business services and products.with our digital marketing platform will help our present clients and prospective ones get more website traffic, more customers, and more online visibility with powerful and precise SEO services. Search engine optimization is one of the most critical aspects of online marketing,and zygosoft will develop a campaign specific to the individual needs of your brand and industry.Target your ideal search phrases and get found at the top of Google’s search results.

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When you want your organisational database to be manage effectively zygosoft technologies is best place to be.we have more than 5000 people whose data are well managed. The interesting thing about our management of database is that we ensure that privacy and security of the every data in with us are not tempered. in managing clients data we ensure periodic data updates and constant tracking response, analysis, and reporting, we also help organistions customizing data management solution for you.

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we are passionate about education and over the years zygosoft technologies have supported the education of young talents such as establishments of book club in schools to encourage reading habits among Nigeria Students and Africa in diaspora. through our e-learning platform finderease our team has worked tirelessly in encourage distance learning.  we understand the fact that we are living in a time when education is most important, as a result zygosoft technologies is helping students, individuals by connecting them to expert instructors all over the world. We believe that through our passion for education we can help students all over the world


Online Shopping and Business Solution

Online shopping is most secured and effective when of buying and selling. we offer an easy to access online shopping platform to enable people get the best from ever competitive market throughout the globe.While we engage in online shopping platform, we are constantly striving to make the customer experience among the most exceptionally great experiences we can have.

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Some of Software

Over the years our teams has created many softwares such as Banking software, school management software, Hotel Managment software, pharmacy managment software, sales and business solution softwares, Hostel Accomodation software, Loan managment software,Car Rental Software, Bulkms Software and much more. we can develop any software based on customer specifications

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Our Pharmacy software

Zygospharma  is a pharmacy software solution from zygosoft Technologies LTD . This system helps retail pharmacies and outpatient hospital pharmacies manage workflow and automate refill processes. Electronic Prescription Filling; Refill Compliance Dashboard

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VTU Dispersal

This s a multi-language easy-to-use PHP Script that enables you to create a full functional and … and instant digital delivery online VTU portal with which you can sell airtime, subscibe cable, make payment etc. the software can be use  without  basic knowledge of programming Languages. Create  or website development.

Business Solution Software

Our Business managment software is total business management software that’s 100%  easy to use and manage inventory in store You get over 20  free tools, like CRM, tasks, document management, project management, time 

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