Who we are-Our history

Our Mission, our Vision & Our Values

zygosoft Technologies LTD is a pure ICT Company founded with aim to serve the clients ICT needs

Our Mission

As  a company  we are out  to solve world problems especially as it relates to  IT We have evolved into a strictly solutions and services company providing first class services. We have gotten to this point based on a conscious level of effort and investment in our people.

Our Values

We are a team of committed young people , innovative, disciplined, passionate in our work, professionals in our services , committed to excellence and global standards. We promote a work environment based on faith, love, respect, timeliness, objectivity, merit, effective communication, agreement and integrity. 

Our Vision

The company has a clear focus in promoting and training young talent with aim to transform them into useful skills to create a better society. We don’t just harness skills we make sure that these skills are put into use.

Partnership and Team Spirit

Strategies, Growth Business Model & Collaboration

Our strategic partnerships with skillful individuals in IT have further strengthened our resolve to be the customers’ preferred choice and trusted Technology advisor. Our strategic imperatives will shape our future engagements. New and existing clients are looking for solutions provider that will key into their vision and is reliable. Our products and services We engage in varied of services such as: Software development Website development Ecommerce Graphics Designing

OUr Humble Begining

Journey Since 2006

Back when skyenet Technologies were launched in the year 2006, to help students in university campus and small business organizations to experience the power of new world of technologies. Skyenet was start to know how these start up business could leverage the power of ICT to expand their business and create opportunities to generate more income. Before launching of skyenet technologies many IT companies were more interested providing services to at a very high cost that it was not easy for start up businesses and most students in the campus who need par time work to support their education to afford such high cost of accessing IT services.

These made many of them to see ICT as portfolio of the rich hence they decided to continue using a boring traditional way of doing business . More still some of the ICT companies that existed then lack customer friendliness so skyenet technologies saw this as outrageous hence they have to step in to ensure a well garnished customer services were provided such as to ensure that customer questions are answered. Since establishment of skyenet Technologies solving problems of customers have being their priorities..